Document on the roof via app: Lock Book Docu is your fall protection documentation helper for your pocket

Documenting by the book: fast, simple, digital

Anchoring equipment, access technology, drainage or ventilation: With Lock Book Docu, you can easily document your assembly and maintenance work. DGUV-compliant, without paperwork, in the office on the PC or directly on site with your smartphone.
Screenshots on computers and a smartphone show simultaneous editing in Docu

DGUV-compliant documentation in 3 steps

The documentation with Lock Book combines the web application with a clever mobile app. You simply create the documentation including photos with your smartphone on site on the flat roof - and can view the data immediately in the office or home office. With your personal Lock Book profile, the data is always up to date.

In the office, products are added and prepared on the computerRoof worker documents anchor point on the roof

It's that simple

1. create articles
Simply enter the delivery note number or scan the data matrix code on the ABS Safety products. You assign the articles clearly to a plan by means of serial number or identifier.

2. add photos
You can add installation and documentation photos directly to the created articles using your cell phone. This way you have a clear proof of the installation and maintenance relevant steps.

3. answer questions
Our app reminds you of all necessary mandatory information. The pre-filled questionnaire speeds up the input and prevents gaps in the documentation.

The printed assembly documentation is checked

What must be included in the documentation?

Docu automatically generates meaningful documentation. Without gaps, with all relevant information. But which steps and information are important? Download our concise step-by-step guide and learn more about the necessary details of a documentation.

To the instructions

Document better with Lock Book

Assignment to the plan

Clearly assign articles to a plan by means of serial number or identifier and comply with DGUV regulations.

Questionnaire with mandatory data

Lock Book Docu automatically asks you the right questions. This makes the documentation complete, DGUV-compliant and legally secure.

Clear evidence

You can use the practical photo function to illustrate your documentation. This leaves no questions about the installation situation or specific assembly and maintenance steps unanswered.

Lock Book Docu -
also available as an app!

Lock Book Docu is designed for ...


You create legally compliant documentation in the shortest possible time with little effort. For you, your colleagues, your customers and clients.

Building operators

Lock Book helps to fulfill operator obligations and to store the necessary data and evidence at any time. This way, you keep track of objects and documents.


This makes inspection fast and uncomplicated: Many product data of different manufacturers are already stored. You simply select in the menu. And if something is missing, you can simply enter new products yourself.

App or web - you decide

Lock Book Docu is available as a web application and as a mobile app. Both variants have their advantages.


You use the web application to prepare the documentation in the office. You create objects and associated roof areas in advance - you can also enter the products and components to be installed. If you use a delivery note number from ABS Safety, all products are even automatically transferred to the documentation. This makes you even faster on the flat roof.


On the roof, the app is your companion: use your cell phone camera to assign serial numbers to products with a scan. You don't need any product knowledge. Then take photos of the component and add them directly to the appropriate product in the documentation. Finally, you can answer detailed questions directly on your smartphone. The automatic question catalog does not forget anything, offers you answers simply for selection and even reminds you of mandatory information.

Smartphone with different views of the Lock Book Docu App
Single stop point is documented with the smartphone

Product scanner

Typing was yesterday: With the scan function of the Lock Book app, you simply read out the data matrix code on ABS Safety products - and all the data is in the documentation.

Single stop point with attached DMC label

DMC label

No data matrix code on the product? No problem, you can simply apply the code at a later date. And you can even link it to individual product data, regardless of the manufacturer.

Roof worker enjoys his time gained by Docu

Save time

All data is stored in the app via the code. This saves an enormous amount of time during subsequent inspections and maintenance: Simply scan the code, view the documentation data, and update it just as easily after maintenance.

What else you need to know?

Roofing products from various manufacturers

Many standard products from well-known manufacturers are already stored in the app. Simply select the right one from fall protection, access technology or drainage.

Collaboration even easier

Your entire team has access to your project data via your Lock Book account. Always in sync, available everywhere.

Observe maintenance intervals

You set the date for the next inspection as early as the assembly documentation stage. This ensures that no maintenance or approval is forgotten.


Why do I need a Lock Book account to use Docu?

You need a registered profile in order to be able to save your projects and object data and to retrieve it over and over again - from anywhere and at any time. You can use the stored data for subsequent projects and other tasks without having to recreate the documentation or drawings from scratch every time - which also applies to our other applications, such as Lock Book Draw.

Can Lock Book Docu be used in a team setup?

Yes, as an administrator, you can add as many employees as you want to your company profile. Several employees can work simultaneously on your documents which means that your team always has the same knowledge level.

Is the app also available for my smartphone?

Our Docu app is available free of charge for Android and iPhone devices. It runs on mobile phones and tablets operating on Android version 5 or higher or iOS 10.0 or higher and can simply be downloaded from the respective app stores.

What does the app's scan function offer?

With the app's unique scan function, you can easily read out important information about our products using your smartphone camera and no longer have to enter anything. Scan the data matrix code on the anchor point and all the data is automatically included in the documentation. You can even read the code on our delivery bill and have all the information about the installed product in your documentation in one go. The scanner also offers you a safety check for which you don't even need to be registered: simply scan the data matrix code and you know when and whether the product has been properly checked and maintained.

Does Lock Book Docu work without the app?

Yes, but you will gain the most benefit from combining the app with the office application. Use the app on your smartphone or tablet to flexibly create your documentation right there on the spot - and to immediately add photos of the installation to your documentation. And you are not dependent on having a good Internet connection. All the functions of the app (apart from the safety check feature) are also available offline. The data is then automatically synchronised as soon as a broadband network connection is available.