Documenting on the roof via app: Lock Book Draw is your pocket fall protection documentation helper

Our pocket-sized documentation tool

Lock Book Docu now makes installing, documenting and maintaining your fall arrest systems even easier. You can use a tablet or smartphone to record all the data of your installed products in a matter of seconds - cutting out all the tedious paperwork. And thanks to the scan function included in our free app, you don't even have to type.
Worker with a smartphone kneels on the floor over an anchor point and operates the Lock Book Docu App

On your mobile and off you go

Lock Book Docu is based on two components which can be used totally free of charge and without the need for any time-consuming installation work. You can access the web application from any web-enabled PC using your Lock Book profile. This means that you can access your project data from anywhere and at any time. And you can review the documentation data your team recorded on site using their free smartphone apps almost instantly - be it in the office or at home. Both the app and the web application pull on the same set of data which means that your data is always up-to-date.

Screenshot of the project view in Lock Book DocuScreenshot of checklist questionnaire for DGUV-compliant documentation with Lock Book Docu

Seamless and in accordance with the regulations

Docu has been specially designed so that you don't have to worry about missing information in your records. A series of questions automatically guides you through the documentation process and ensures that all the relevant data has been recorded when you’re done - all in compliance with the DGUV regulations and including the digital signature of the installation technician. When you have finished, your documentation and basic project data remain stored in your Lock Book profile.

Start your project by creating the object in question. Whether we are talking about an industrial roof surface, an aircraft hangar or a wind turbine, you are free to make your own decisions and can use the project data over and over again for subsequent tasks, roof inspections or regular audits. You simply select all the components of the installed ABS Safety systems from a menu and add them to your documentation. The most common systems supplied by other manufacturers are included in the list - and you can also add all types of products yourself.

Additionally, you can use the special scan feature included in our Docu app to simply import the Data Matrix Codes included on our products. Your anchorage points and components are then automatically added to your documentation. And from now on, you will also find a code on our delivery notes which you can scan in to automatically add all the components listed to your documentation. On top of this, you can add a Data Matrix Code in arrears to any older product that you have received from us and already installed using a special tag.

Example of a finished assembly documentation as a printed version

Illustrated, complete, ready to be passed on

Your documentation is not complete without photos of the installation. Using Docu, you simply shoot your photos straight from within the app to add them. It is also just as easy to save your drawings and other documents. Your Lock Book account offers you unlimited storage space to this purpose. But the best thing of all is: For all subsequent tasks, such as the annually prescribed inspections of your safety systems, you can automatically transfer all the stored project data into the inspection log - and save this as a PDF to send to your customer.

View sample documentation

Lock Book Docu ensures that your documentation is complete and legally watertight

DGUV-compliant documentation

Documentation is compulsory! During the installation process, when carrying out maintenance work and when conducting your annual inspections. Docu ensures compliance with your obligations.

Photos, drawings, plans

Use Docu to collect all your installation photos and project drawings in one single dataset where it is always available - on PCs, tablets and smartphones.

No unanswered questions

The product details, position on the roof, number of users, manufacturer, installation company... Docu asks for everything that your customers, the building authorities and the German employers’ liability insurance associations need to know.

Nothing is ever lost

Goodbye hole in the roof! Any documentation created with Docu can be exported, sent or printed out as a PDF. Over and over again and always complete.

Lock Book Docu -
also available as an app!

All documents in your pocket: Mobile documentation with Lock Book on your smartphone

In order to use Docu on your PC, all you need to do is a free Registration on Lock Book. The full range of functions is available in combination with the app, which is also free. With Docu on your mobile device, you can record all documentation data directly on site or on the roof. And retrieve them just as easily.

Docu’s database is huge: All of our ABS Safety products, as well as numerous standard products supplied by other manufacturers, are listed here for easy selection. And if anything is missing, you can simply add it yourself at any time - even without an Internet connection. Installed on your smartphone, Docu is just as mobile and flexible as you are.

Smartphone with different views of the Lock Book Docu App
View of the ABS-Lock X-T anchor point to be documented in the Lock Book app on the smartphone.

Available from anywhere

Docu creates transparency. Your installation technicians, customers, specialists and construction supervisors can review the data from anywhere, if they need to. You can conveniently save the final documentation as a PDF or simply pass it on accordingly.

Safety Check on the smartphone with the 'Released' view

No Internet? No problem!

Docu also runs without an Internet connection. The documentation you have recorded and any components you have added separately will simply be synchronised with the server later on - as soon as a broadband network connection is available.

DMC label lies on a smartphone showing the Lock Book Docu App

Simply scan away

Use our Docu app and say goodbye to tedious paperwork. The most common components have already been stored in the system. And you don't even need to select our latest products from the menu - simply scan in their Data Matrix Codes instead.


Why do I need a Lock Book account to use Docu?

You need a registered profile in order to be able to save your projects and object data and to retrieve it over and over again - from anywhere and at any time. You can use the stored data for subsequent projects and other tasks without having to recreate the documentation or drawings from scratch every time - which also applies to our other applications, such as Lock Book Draw.

Can Lock Book Docu be used in a team setup?

Yes, as an administrator, you can add as many employees as you want to your company profile. Several employees can work simultaneously on your documents which means that your team always has the same knowledge level.

Is the app also available for my smartphone?

Our Docu app is available free of charge for Android and iPhone devices. It runs on mobile phones and tablets operating on Android version 5 or higher or iOS 10.0 or higher and can simply be downloaded from the respective app stores.

What does the app's scan function offer?

Using the app’s unique scan function, you can simply import important information on our products via the camera of your smartphone and no longer need to manually enter anything. Just scan the Data Matrix Code on your anchorage device and all the respective data will automatically appear in the documentation. You can even scan the code on our delivery note to import the information on all your installed products into your documentation in one go. In addition, the scanner feature also includes a safety check - and you don’t even have to be registered to use it: Simply scan the Data Matrix Code to find out whether the product has been properly inspected and serviced – and when.

Does Lock Book Docu work without the app?

Yes, but you will gain the most benefit from combining the app with the office application. Use the app on your smartphone or tablet to flexibly create your documentation right there on the spot - and to immediately add photos of the installation to your documentation. And you are not dependent on having a good Internet connection. All the functions of the app (apart from the safety check feature) are also available offline. The data is then automatically synchronised as soon as a broadband network connection is available.