Anyone can now plan fall protection with the Lock Book Draw online tool

Your way to professional roof planning

Fall protection is only one of Lock Book's strengths - you also plan the slope insulation and drainage in accordance with the regulations. And soon there will be even more: We are continuously expanding Lock Book Draw with additional services for flat roofs.
The shape of the roof is simply traced.

Select template and create measurement

Your design always starts with a sketch of the roof. You can import your own file or sketch, use a satellite image, or use a drone survey from Airteam. In Lock Book you can process all these sources without any problems. With the integrated drawing tools you can easily draw the roof shape and superstructure.

The planning function in Lock Book is modular: Drainage, fall protection or slope insulation - you are only shown the tools you need for your current planning project.

Screenshot of a roof surface with main and emergency drainage drawn in.On the screenshot of a planning sketch created with Draw you can see the parts list of the planned products

Plan drainage

It couldn't be easier: You set the points for the main and emergency drainage, Look Book automatically calculates the rainfall amounts. Matching the roof size and the precipitation region. You export the drainage certificate in PDF format with one click.

Screenshot of a design of gradient insulation

Determine insulation

You can also count on the automatic planning function of our tool for sloped insulation. You simply add information on material and geometry - Lock Book then calculates the U-value.

Screenshot with an automatically planned fall protection

Plan fall protection

Rope belay systems, anchor points, guard rails - Lock Book plans this for you and automatically displays secured areas. You can change the planning proposal in every detail. And if you have any questions, the experts at ABS Safety will help you.

Create parts lists and send your request directly to the manufacturer

Offer and order

Project management has rarely been easier. With Lock Book, you don't just plan and create professional flat roof sketches. From the tool you can create parts lists, send requests to manufacturers, generate offers under your company name and order the required products. And all that with one click. ABS Safety will provide you with an offer for your planning within 24 hours.

A female roof worker and two male roof workers lean against a guardrail

Lock Book continues to grow

Our multitool for flat roofs can already do a lot - but more is always possible. We are constantly expanding the tool with additional functions and planning tasks. Our vision is a tool for the complete planning of the flat roof. Curious now? Well, a little hint: Currently we are dealing with the topic of building physics...

Change history

Good reasons for Lock Book

Many export options...

... for planning, drainage proofs, laying plans, parts lists, bills of quantities (GAEB) etc.

Subject matter expertise

Lock Book offers you planning competence and expertise in dealing with rules and regulations. Free of charge.

For the roofing trade

Thanks to the valuable feedback from our ABS Safety reference customers, our digital tool is continuously being further developed.

Free of charge and everywhere

Your personal Lock Book access costs nothing. And you can use the cloud-based services online from anywhere.

Lock Book Draw:
The future of roof planning

Airteam & Lock Book make digital planning even easier

The drones of the surveying specialist Airteam deliver the data - with Lock Book, you immediately continue working and plan fall protection, drainage and slope insulation. How does it work? Watch the video!

Lock Book bundles strong brands



Deer Porozell




Know how it works

To help you become a Draw pro, we show you all the tips and tricks in our tutorial videos.

We also support you personally

Lock Book is straightforward and extremely beginner-friendly. All the basic functions and specifics of our Draw planning tool are explained in a series of visual training courses. The best thing to do is to register straight away.

Your free Lock Book access brings many advantages

One profile for all

Your team uses one account and works together on projects.

Data access at any time

Lock Book is cloud-based. Your project information is securely stored on German servers.

Full control

Add colleagues, grant access rights and forward selected data.

Regular updates

Lock Book is constantly updated and expanded - you always use the most modern application.

No suitable training date available?

Contact us! We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Where can I download Look Book Draw?

Draw is a web application that runs entirely in your browser (currently only Chrome, Edge and Firefox). You don't need to download or install Draw on your computer. Just go to the Lock-Book homepage, register for free and log in with your username and password after activation. At any time, from any internet-enabled PC. We will inform you about the activation by e-mail.

Why do I need a Lock Book account to use Draw?

You need a registered profile in order to be able to save your project drawings and object data and to retrieve them over and over again - from anywhere and at any time. You can use this stored data for subsequent projects and other tasks without having to recreate the drawings from scratch every time. The company data you have entered will also be automatically inserted into your documents. And you will also be able to access other free services, such as our Look Bock Docu documentation tool for PCs and smartphones.

What prior knowledge do I need to be able to do the planning?

You don't need any special knowledge at all to use Draw – our planning tool is simple and intuitive. Our free online training sessions also provide a visual introduction to the application and respective subject matter. In the video, all the programme functions are demonstrated and explained in detail.

Can I change the plans any time I want?

Of course – you can simply change the plans whenever you want - quickly and easily. And if you also want to keep your original plan or record the intermediate status, a single click creates a duplicate in which you can then make your changes. This ensures transparency and lets you keep an eye on how your project is developing.

What are the system requirements for my PC?

Basically, all you need is a newer model computer with Internet access and a web browser (Chrome). Would you like more exact details? No problem: The minimum requirements are that your computer is running on Windows 7 or OS X Yosemite 10.10, has 8 GB of RAM and is equipped with a graphics card that supports WebGL. Draw runs perfectly on a machine with Windows 10 or macOS Big Sur 11 or higher, which has 16 GB of RAM and a dedicated graphics card that likewise supports WebGL. Unfortunately, however, Draw does not run on tablets or smartphones.