Mounted anchorage point for fall protection with PPE attached to it

Will the system hold? Do a Safety Check!

Anyone working on a roof will want to make absolutely sure that his/her anchorage device will hold. Safety Check shows you whether a particular system was approved or blocked from usage during the last inspection. Straight away - and simply using your smartphone. Just scan in the Data Matrix Code on the anchor or supporting rod. It is dead easy - and saves you time whilst increasing work safety.
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All the information you need at the click of a mouse

Is it allowed to use the anchor device? When was the last inspection information saved? And who did the inspection? Safety Check provides all the answers. Scanning the Data Matrix Code on any ABS Safety system will show you the status of the anchorage device in front of you and at the same time display information on the entire documented system. This allows you to check whether the system has been inspected in accordance with the regulations in just a few seconds. Then you can hook up to it and start working - in total safety. It does not matter whether you are to carry out a roof inspection, do maintenance on solar panels or clean out the gutters: Doing a Safety Check using our Docu tool is straightforward. All you need is our app and an Internet connection.

Drawing of smartphones that visualise the safety check at anchor points

What Safety Check offers

Use your smartphone to check whether an anchorage point, safety system or individual PPE equipment has been approved of blocked from usage.

Check the safety of non-ABS products by attaching an ABS DMC label to these products in arrears.

Use Safety Check for all your regular inspections, maintenance or cleaning tasks.

Find out immediately who serviced and subsequently approved or blocked the installed fall protection system in question.

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Docu - Safety Check and lots more...

Safety Check is just one of the features of our free documentation tool: Use Docu to create a seamless, DGUV-compliant set of documentation on the installation and maintenance of your fall protection solutions. The application is based on an easy-to-use web application for PCs - with an additional app for smartphones and tablets. The app and web applications are networked: All the data you require on the installed products can be recorded easily onsite using our smartphone app by simply scanning the Data Matrix Codes. The app also allows you to create photos of the installation right away. When you are back in front of your office PC, you can review and edit all the data via the web application and then save the final documentation as a PDF.

To use all the functions of our Docu tool, all you need is a free Lock-Book profile - the Safety Check feature also works without a profile. Curious to find out more? Then simply test Docu - without further obligation.

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