App with new scan function

The smartphone in the hand of the craftsperson shows a view of the new data matrix scanning function of Lock Book Docu.

From now on, you can add ABS Safety products to your documentation simply by scanning them in. Our Docu app now includes a special feature for scanning the Data Matrix Codes on our products. Simply hold you phone over them and off you go - all the relevant product data is then immediately imported into Lock Book Docu.

Scanning speeds up the documentation process. You no longer have to select the products from the menu. You simply record all the relevant data by scanning the Data Matrix Codes - including the individual serial numbers. And we can speed up the whole process ever more: Our delivery notes now also include a Data Matrix Code. All you need to do is to scan this code to import all the listed products and system components into your documentation in one go.

You will find a scannable code on all our latest ABS Safety products. You can also add a special Data Matrix tag to any older product that has already been installed in arrears. Any questions? Then please ask!