Plan your railings, secure your subsidy

Engineer stands on the roof behind the protective railing and holds a notebook in his hand

You can now plan all-round railings Draw automatically. Only the passages are set manually. Of course, the planning design can be individually adapted in every detail. You simply define the start and end points of your side guardrail or offset intermediate elements - Draw calculates all the necessary components, posts and minimum/maximum distances.

Did you know: If you design your ABS Safety side guard rail using the new planning feature in Draw, you can benefit from a subsidy offered by the BG Bau employers’ liability insurance association. Since April, BG Bau has been offering a subsidy for posts and installation materials used in side protection systems constructed in accordance with EN 13374, class A. Detailed information on this funding can be found at

The following ABS Safety side protection systems are eligible for this funding: