Do a safety check!

Two other display views hover above the iPhone, representing the mobile phone screens with the various status displays.

You can now also use the scan feature of our Lock Book Docu app to carry out a simple safety check - even without a Lock Book profile. Smply scan the Data Matrix Code on our products to find out whether they have been inspected in line with the regulations - and when.

This safety check provides a spontaneous method of determining without doubt the test status of any anchorage device that you and your employees may be about to use for a specific work assignment. However, you can also use this safety check feature to verify spontaneously whether the anchor in question - or any other component - has been properly inspected and included in the documentation in the case that you would like to have this information or want to show it to your customer.

To use this safety check feature, simply download our Lock Book app to your smartphone or tablet. Via Google Play or the Apple App Store. By the way, our app can actually do much more - and it's totally free.