Lock Book Draw has arrived

The new Draw logo is displayed above a plan on which a person is manually planning a fall protection.

Draw is the name of the brand-new module in our office suite that we specially designed for the roofing trade. With Draw, it is easy to create professional roof plans. Without the need for complex software installation work and completely free of charge. And how does that work? Find out - getting started is child’s play.

All you need to use Draw is a Lock Book account. Have you already got one? Then you’re all set to go. With Lock Book Draw you simply define where your safety system is to begin and where it is to end - or determine which stretch of your roof surface is to be secured. Draw then calculates all the required components and dimensions: Anchorage points, end and corner supports, cable lengths, distance between the supports etc.

Once you have finished your plan, you can simply export your drawing and the corresponding parts list with details of all the required products. This greatly simplifies the quote generation and order process. And if you still need to make corrections or adjustments, simply reopen the plan and you are free to change any detail you want. It's as simple as that.